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They illustrate two approaches, conventional therapy first or alternative therapy first.


I thought cigars were supposed to be safe, but after a decade of smoking them, my bleeding lip was diagnosed as leukoplakia, a pre-cancerous condition, and an X-ray revealed a large black spot in one lung. Things got worse. My first son started having trouble with his school work. It turned out to be a brain tumor. Eventually my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.


When we learned the shocking news about our son, we assembled a team of the best doctors we could find, headed by a professor from Stanford and a professor from the University of California. Our dedicated doctors tried everything they knew - surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. But each treatment seemed to produce a dramatic deterioration of our son's condition. After heart-rending months of failed treatments and dashed hopes, he was unable to speak, and could only crawl. He had regressed from schoolboy to infant. One day, he stopped breathing. I gave him CPR for over half an hour, until the paramedics arrived at long last. It was too late.



"Our sonís illness had bankrupted us, so we were on Medicaid when I became ill and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors tried surgery, but it spread the cancer cells. Frightening lumps began to grow on my arm and on my neck. Doctors told me I now had terminal cancer. They said I could probably live another six months if I got chemotherapy. That was over 20 years ago when chemotherapy was terribly incapacitating, as we had just seen with our son. I decided that it just wasnít worth getting chemotherapy for six months of disabling illness.


Those were frightening times, because we didnít know where to turn. Before, when it became clear our sonís treatments werenít working, we had consulted with doctors around the world for help. Our well-intentioned doctors protected us from the "quack" treatments we found. Now we had nothing to loose. My husband borrowed some money from his brother so we could give the "quack" treatments a try.


I went to the cancer clinic of Dr. Contreras, Sr., (which has now become the modern Oasis of Hope hospital) where I received many I.V. nutrients, including Vitamin C, enzymes and laetrile, which soon stopped the cancer from growing.


Many recovered patients and a few doctors had told us about the Gerson therapy. It included a vegan diet, and frequent, freshly made vegetable juices. We started doing it at home and I began to feel better. It included supplements and caffeine infusions to the liver (misnamed coffee enemas) to speed detoxification from fats and toxins that could suppress my recovery.


I also tried immunotherapy, including herbs and thymus for the T-cells. Our family doctor agreed to give me a shot of BCG tuberculosis vaccine to stimulate the immune system. He made me write that I was requesting it to prevent tuberculosis, so he wouldnít get into trouble for doing alternative cancer therapy. He had to give it in a special way, right under the skin where all the nerves and dendrite cells would trigger the maximum reaction. I wasnít prepared for the awful, searing pain, but I couldnít let on because my husband looked like he was ready to pass out.


Soon the lumps started to melt away. Six months after I started these alternative therapies, I was cancer-free. It took much longer to get all my energy back.


It was very difficult doing all those treatments as an out patient, especially on days when I had to drive myself. Those hourly fresh juices were another problem, even though the family made many of them. If I had to do it again, I would hire help to make the juices or go to a hospital that could provide a good vegan diet and fresh vegetable juices every hour.


When a couple looses a child, they share so many painful memories that there is an 80% chance of divorce. Now I will let my ex-husband finish his story . . .



 "I stopped smoking when I got the news about the black spot on my lung and the pre-cancerous condition of my lip. Vegetables are reported to have strong anti-cancer actions, especially when they are raw, so I began eating a raw salad with every meal. My favorite for breakfast was the sunrise salad of carrots, pineapple and raisins. The lip cleared up and the black spot disappeared.


Years later, my PSA prostate test started to rise above the norm of 4. I decided to avoid the risk of spreading the cancer cells with a biopsy (which can happen almost 50% of the time according to one study). When my PSA went past 12, I had a DRE exam which found two tumors. To see if they were malignant, I had an AMAS blood test, which came back positive for cancer.


The first two urologists I went to wanted to do surgery. Besides the grim side effects possible from prostate surgery, I knew an operation carried the risk of spreading the cancer. I looked up the statistics and they showed that over 90% of prostate cancers remain symptom-free all life long. It didnít make sense to me to accept the side effects of surgery plus the added risk of spreading the cancer, while I was still symptom-free. Instead I found a urologist who would monitor me while I tried the treatments that cured my ex-wife.


I went on a mostly-raw vegan diet that combined Gerson, Wigmore, Livingston and McDougall diets for great variety. I couldnít keep up with making all the fresh juices and my meals, until my Ex started dropping off prepared meals each week. I took oral supplements, including immune stimulants for macrophages and T-cells. Since prostate cancer is usually small and slow growing, I didnít think I would need to get I.V. supplements or risk hormone treatment. I meditated at least twice a day, joined two support groups, and did the coffee enemas. I consulted with a psychiatrist to see if I had any issues that might effect my recovery. He found unresolved issues over the death of my son and sent me to grief counseling. This lifted a burden I hadnít known I was carrying.


After 4 months on the cancer therapy, my urologist called me into his office. He said I had better be careful, but he was smiling. I asked him if that meant it had started to spread. He laughed. "Oh, no. Your tumors are gone and your tests are all back to normal. If youíre not careful, you will make me a believer, too!"

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The CANCER CONTROL SOCIETY ( has been maintaining lists for many years of patients and doctors who use nutritional and non-toxic cancer therapies. For 34 years they also have held a Labor Day convention near Los Angeles with three days of lectures on the latest non-toxic cancer treatments for those who want to be, or need to be, on the cutting edge.


Click on the following link to see the list of patients that the Cancer Control Society has selected. Let patients you contact know you got their name from their list. And please let us know about your experience, since we have not contacted most of them ourselves.

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If you have won your war on cancer by using alternative therapy - with or without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy - please email us your story to share with cancer freshmen. Check the two patients above for examples.


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