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A Little Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation


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I. Introduction

II. Mini-Surgery

III. Mini-Chemotherapy

IV. Mini-Radiation

V. Mini-Hormone Therapy

VI. A Critical Point

VII. Results

VIII. References





This is a preliminary introduction to the concept of MINI-CONVENTIONAL THERAPY. Details will be added in the future. Mini conventional therapy is the first level of invasive therapy covered in PHASE III. It may be used if the preceding steps to restore the body's own anti-cancer systems haven't yet caught up to the cancer and started to reverse it. The concept is to use just enough conventional therapy to slow down the tumor, so the immune system has more time to grow strong enough to finish eliminating the cancer naturally.


It is advantageous to have the body eliminate the cancer cell-by-cell, because conventional treatments are not so precise and can damage many good cells, including the body's own anti-cancer systems. So the challenge of mini-conventional therapy is to avoid damaging the immune system too much, because then it can't finish the job. Sadly, this is what seems to happen when full conventional therapy is over done.


Just a quick review paragraph of the scientific facts covered on the website so far: Scientists agree that cancer is a natural condition and we all have some cancer cells normally, just like we always have some germs. The body is brilliantly designed to search for cancer cells, repair them or destroy them. That's why most people don't have tumors - they cure their own cancers automatically. But sometimes we get too many cancer cells to handle - by smoking, for example. Or our immune system gets too weak to do its job - from not eating enough vegetables for example. And in 5 - 20 years the cancer cells grow into a tumor which is large enough to see.



This is when cancer therapy is called for. Conventional therapy emphasizes killing the tumor cells. But in the process it often kills the patients own anti-cancer systems as well, losing protection against new cancer cells in the future. So 5 years later, the patient may be facing cancer again.


Alternative therapy emphasizes restoring the patient's own anti-cancer systems so they can eliminate the current cancer and also the new cancer cells that will occur in the future. Sometimes the patient's own anti-cancer systems have to be jacked up much higher than normal to catch up to and reverse an existing cancer. The first SEVEN STEPS in the treatment section, called the PATIENTS' PROTOCOL, explain just how we did that to cure our own cancers. The steps include a powerful anti-cancer diet and lifestyle, detoxification and immune stimulation. With luck, that might be all you need too.


But some of us had to take one or two additional steps. The most common additional step was to add alternative treatments without harmful side effects to help the body attack the tumor directly. Each alternative cancer hospital seems to have their favorites. A list of such alternative hospital treatments will be compiled for a future web page. Doctors at these hospitals estimate that as many as 80% of cancer patients may get well that way, or at least get a positive response that brings the cancer under control.


But some of us had to take a second additional step. We had to use MINI-CONVENTIONAL THERAPY to disrupt tumor growth so our own anti-cancer systems could catch up.


II. MINI-SURGERY. One of the most common ways to complement alternative therapy was to use mini-surgery to disrupt circulation to the tumor or to "de-bulk" the tumor. The surgeon would make the smallest incision possible to get at the main bulk of the tumor and clear out as much as could be done with minimal trauma to the patient. This greatly reduces the number of cancer cells remaining for the immune system to kill and remove.


The special concept was to minimize incisions that could promote the spread of the cancer cells unnecessarily, and minimize the loss of blood which contains precious cancer - fighting immune system cells needed to finish the job. Afterward the immune system is restored to the appropriate strength to clear the remaining cancer cells throughout the body.


There are special blood-sparing surgery techniques, but these are likely to be more costly and may be reserved for patents like Jehovah Witnesses, since their religion prohibits transfusions.


Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. was diagnosed with "terminal" fulminating breast cancer. She is a well-known example of using mini-surgery to de-bulk most of her tumor in order to make it easier for alternative therapy to finish the job and cure her cancer.


III. MINI-CHEMOTHERAPY is rapidly improving. The main point is to avoid the damaging effects to the immune system and to the health of the patient that can occur from a full course of conventional chemotherapy. It is desirable to avoid giving it systemically throughout the entire body if possible. This may be achieved by applying the chemicals directly to the tumor through injection for example.


Various agents can be used to disrupt the tumor or the circulation to the tumor. Mini-chemotherapy doesn't have to try to do the whole job. It only has to slow down the tumor for a few weeks until the patient's own immune system can catch up and finish the job.


Because chemicals are particularly stressful to the liver, and many killed cancer cells may have to be removed rapidly, special attention is required to facilitate elimination and detoxification.


IV. MINI-RADIATION may favor photon beam technology. This type of radiation is supposed to stop at the target tumor and not continue through to damage the tissue behind it. There is also heat radiation that may be conveyed directly to the tumor through probes, microwaves, etc. Again, the main point to remember is that it is not necessary to risk the patient's immune system to "get it all". The object is to preserve the immune system so it can finish the job, cell-by-cell, without damaging healthy cells.


V. MINI-HORMONE THERAPY may be used in certain cancers as mini conventional therapy, but only for 30 - 90 days until the immune system has the cancer on the run. The point is to discontinue the hormone therapy before it can foster a new culture of abnormal cells that are far more resistant to further treatment.


VI. A CRITICAL POINT to remember is that even mini-conventional therapy can cause new cancers, so it shouldn't be used lightly. Surgery may spread cancer cells, the damage from chemotherapy and radiation has been known to create new cancer cells. It is imperative to restore a strong immune system so it can eliminate any new cancers created by conventional therapy.

VII. RESULTS. If the preceding steps, including diet, lifestyle, detox and immunotherapy have not yet been enough to reverse the cancer, the addition of mini-conventional therapy may disrupt cancer growth long enough for the body's anti-cancer defenses to catch up and finish the job.


It is important to include the complementary treatments discussed in the references below to get maximum effectiveness while minimizing damage to the patient's anti-cancer systems.


Priority is then given to rebuilding these defenses as rapidly as possible after treatment by enhancing efforts in all areas, but especially in detoxification and immunotherapy.


Ideally tests will show the immune system at peak activity with T-cells well above the normal range, liver and kidney functioning well, and cancer receding.






Meanwhile patients and doctors can find much of the future information to be added in the sources listed on the INTERIM LIST OF RESOURCES web page.


We especially want to call your attention to the listed book, HOW TO PREVENT AND TREAT CANCER WITH NATURAL MEDICINE. by Murray, Dr. Michael, et al. 2002. Riverhead Books/Penguin Putnam Inc. New York. Part Three is entitled USING NATURAL MEDICINE TO COPE WITH THE SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMOTHERAPY, RADIATION, AND SURGERY. We believe it is very important to use treatments like these along with Mini-Conventional Therapy to make it less harmful to the patient and to improve average survival time dramatically.


For information on full conventional therapies, we recommend the government's National Cancer Institute website, www.Cancer.gov while we work on getting our conventional section ready.


However we do not recommend the government opinion on anti - cancer diets. We believe it is based on the speculation of Washington lobbyists and not on scientific research. Decades of patients' experiences have shown that animal proteins and fats, which the government recommends, are likely to make it much harder to get well and stay well.


Instead we recommend the book, The China Study by Doctor T. Collin Campbell which summarizes decades of studies from around the world that all agree with our experience that animal foods can promote cancer in so many ways.


And we recommend our own efforts to marshal this seldom heard side of the research on our web page about how to stop promoting metastasis in the treatment section of this website.



If you have comments and suggestions about this MINI-CONVENTIONAL THERAPY web page, or the rest of the web site, please email them to us at Webmaster@PatientsNCI.org

Thanks for helping.



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