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One of the best kept secrets of the multi-billion dollar cancer business is the fact that approximately 75% of people cure their own cancers automatically with their body's own anti-cancer capabilities. Research scientists agree that cancer is a natural condition. With trillions of our cells constantly reproducing all life long, some are bound to come out wrong and become cancerous. Mankind has survived because the body is wonderfully designed to find cancer cells and to fix them or destroy them automatically. That's why most people are tumor-free.



Antioxidants - prevent cancer-causing cellular damage

DNA Repair Enzymes - cut and paste corrections to cellular DNA

P53 Gene System - stops damaged cells from reproducing

Liver enzymes - detoxify carcinogens

Tumor Suppressor Genes - induce death of cancer cells

B-Cells - make antibodies against certain cancer cells

Helper T-Cells - direct other cells to attack cancer

Cytotoxic T-Cells - kill cancer cells upon contact

Natural Killer Cells - bind, kill cancer cells

Tumor Necrosis Factor - chemotherapy made by many cells

Lymph Nodes - trap cancer cells for destruction

Macrophages - devour cancer cells

Neutrophils - digest dead tumors

Antineoplastons - five newly recognized anti-cancer peptides

Prostaglandin J2 - kills cancer cells upon contact

Fruits and Vegetables - Your body's daily chemotherapy of phytonutrients, including antioxidants, phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals, saponins, flavinoids, protease inhibitors, phenols, isoflavones, etc., etc. - ingredients which can prevent, heal or destroy cancer cells.



What went wrong for the 25% of us whose cancer wasn't cured automatically? Maybe we didn't eat our daily requirement of fruits and vegetables. Maybe we overwhelmed our immune systems by generating far more cancer cells than we could handle - for instance by smoking. Even then, scientists speculate that at least half a dozen of our internal anti-cancer armies have to be sick for a long time for cancer cells to survive inside our body. After all, it usually takes 5 - 20 years for a cancer cell to grow into a tumor large enough just to become visible.


And cancer patients who tried conventional therapy first soon learned that it can damage their own abilities to fight off cancer. Surgery can spread the cancer cells throughout the body, and the loss of blood means loss of millions of immune cells. (If a patient says they are a Jehovah's Witness who doesn't want transfusions, doctors will use blood-sparing techniques that minimize the loss of blood, and immune cells.) Chemotherapy and radiation can be very carcinogenic, causing new cancer cells to form the day of the treatment. They add to the immune system's burden at the very same time when they also suppress the patients' immune system. So immunotherapy can be a valuable treatment for conventional treatments themselves. Even better, it can be used ahead of these conventional treatments to prevent driving the immune system too low.


Immunotherapy is used to restore our natural powers to destroy cancer automatically. And if normal isn't good enough, it can also be used to enhance our immune systems beyond normal levels, and turn it into a ferocious cancer killer. A rule of thumb is that an immune system with the T-Cells raised about 30% - 50% beyond the upper limit of the normal range of most lab tests will soon begin to destroy cancer throughout the body. This can make it especially ideal for cancer that has metastasized widely, when conventional cancer therapy may do more harm than good.


This must be done with a doctor who is doing regular monitoring. An immune system this powerful could become a serious problem after it has destroyed the cancer, so it must be reduced soon after the cancer is gone.


 So why does conventional medicine have such difficulty activating this ideal cancer cure? Because they don't stop all the factors that are suppressing the immune system. It is almost impossible to get these results if the patient continues to use tobacco products or animal products because they keep the immune system exhausted. A mostly raw, vegan diet is a critical foundation for successful immunotherapy.




Let's review the steps taken so far in the Patients' Protocol that have laid the foundation for such a powerful immune system. The goal has been to start rejuvenating all the anti-cancer armies in the above chart.

Step 1 was to set up a winning health care team. It is valuable to have someone experienced in immune system enhancement on the team.

Step 2 was comprehensive testing to define the cancer, measure the immune system, and identify any other burdens on health, such as smoldering dental or root canal infections that can exhaust the immune system. Also the thyroid was checked to see if it needed to be supplemented to move it from below the middle of the range to above the middle.

Step 3 was to stop promoting metastasis by getting off tobacco, animal and toxic chemical products. Salt, sugar, and fried foods were suspended. And metastasis was inhibited with a mostly raw vegan diet, antioxidants, and supplements for the liver and for direct anticancer activity. Light exercise, stress reduction and social support began a new lifestyle that inhibited metastasis.

Step 4 introduced details about the mostly raw, vegan diet, adding vegetable juices and a comprehensive supplement program. Vegetable juices have a very powerful normalizing and stimulating effect on a dysfunctional immune system.



All our lives we have been taught to eat animal products - by that same advertising industry that brought us the Marlborough Man. We now know why the dark side of tobacco products and animal products can be such a burden to cancer recovery.


Animal products heated over 200 degrees, and their cooking fumes, can contain the same types of carcinogens that make tobacco smoke so lethal. No wonder studies show animal products account for 30 to 60% of cancers in various Western countries.


Animals accumulate toxins all their lives. Poultry, eggs, red and white meat, seafood and dairy are our worst dietary sources for carcinogens, hormones, pesticides, PCB's, tumor growth factors, antibiotics, "super bugs," heavy metals, etc. Animal products account for up to 95% of human dioxin exposure, which is responsible for up to 12% of cancers. (Robbins, FOOD REV. 2001, pg. 42, 404) Toxic accumulation is compounded by the common practice of feeding them sewer sludge, animal remains and feces.


The foreign proteins of animal food trigger an immune reaction in humans that surrounds the gut with millions of immune cells every time they are eaten. This can lead to gradual exhaustion of immunity and may be the reason that animal eaters are reported to have only half the natural killer cell activity as vegans.


William Castelli, M.D., director of the famous Framingham Heart Study, has found that people who eat animal foods get 250% more cancer and die 6 years earlier.


Men who eat high amounts of dairy products get 70% more prostate cancer. Health Professional Follow-up Study reported by Associated Press, April 5, 2000


For prostate cancer, epidemiological studies consistently show a positive association with high consumption of milk, dairy products, and meats. Giovanucci, Adv.Exp.Med. Biol. 1999;472


Milk, butter, liver, oil are each associated with a high risk of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. .Franceschi S, Nutrition and Cancer 12:333-41,1989



There is a 55% increase in colon cancer associated with eating chicken once per week. Singh, P.N., Am. Journal of Epidemiolgy 148(1998)


Chicken is associated with a 200-300% increase in colon cancer if eaten 4 times per week compared to abstainers. Singh, P.N., Am. Journal of Epidemiolgy 148(1998)


The USDA reports that up to 99% of chicken and eggs are contaminated with E-coli, salmonella and/or campylobacter. These pathogens produce a poison called CDT that can damage gastrointestinal DNA, and lead to cancer.


A 300% greater risk of ovarian cancer was found in women who ate eggs 3 times per week compared to less than weekly. Snowdon DA, JAMA 254(3) p.356


Fried fish associated with stomach cancer. Kolonel JN, British J. of Cancer 44(3):332-9,1981


EPA warned the public to avoid the high levels of the carcinogens DDT and PCB found in fish from the Great Lakes, New York coast, New Jersey, Puget Sound, Boston Harbor, Los Angeles coast, San Francisco Basin. EPA has warned the young, old, infirm and pregnant not to eat deep-sea fish more than once a month due to mercury toxicity, which suppresses the immune system.

Red Meat

Eating hamburgers one or more times per week was associated with twice the risk of brain tumors in children. Sarasua S, Cancer Causes Control 5(2): 141-8,1994


Meat tinted pink with nitrates is linked with laryngeal, stomach, urinary tract, glioma brain cancer and leukemia. Werbach MR, Textbook of Nutritional Medicine p.193, 1999


One hamburger a week is associated with a 38% increase in colon cancer. Sarasua S, Cancer Causes Control 5(2): 141-8,1994



Step 5 furnished more details about a lifestyle that enhances the immune system and improves longevity for both heart and cancer patients.

Step 6 explained detoxifying the body from fats, pesticides, carcinogens and metals to free the immune system to do it's job.


For many patients, those 6 steps may be all that's needed to reverse cancer. But some of us so-called terminal patients were so damaged by conventional therapy, or the cancer had grown so large, or spread so far, that we had to supercharge the immune system with extra power to destroy our cancers. Here are some of the most common immunotherapy remedies we used to get well:




The other type that is effective orally is Maitake extract. Nature's Answer makes a very effective product in their alcohol-free line. Griffon brand offers products called D-Fraction, and the more concentrated MD-Fraction. Both mushroom types stimulate macrophages and natural killer cells. These in turn will stimulate the entire immune system. Their effect may be felt overnight.

When taken between meals, the enzymes help to clear the blood of foreign proteins, strip cancer cells of their protective coatings, and help digest dead cancer cells. Because enzymes help in so many ways, they are a standard treatment in many international cancer hospitals and America's National Institute of Health is now studying them. Cancer patients would be wise to consider them as an important part of their recovery program.








One example is the conventional drug called BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guerin), used as a tuberculosis vaccine. One patient, given 6 months to live by an American hospital, had followed the 6 steps pretty well, but her immune system was severely depleted. She added thymus supplements and her immune system developed a normal profile in terms of percentages of cell types. That stopped the spreading of the cancer lumps, which were frighteningly visible.

But the absolute numbers of immune cells were still too low to actually reverse the cancer. She was given BCG just below the skin to provoke maximum reaction. Her immune system reacted in great numbers, taking T-Cells 30% above the normal range. The cancer began to recede. When her 6th month came, all tests were normal and the cancer had disappeared. She has been cancer-free over 20 years now.




The most common test we used was the White Blood Cell Count (WBC). When more analysis was needed, T-Cell and B-Cell Quantitation, tests including percent and absolute counts were used. If Natural killer cells were adequate in number, but didn't seem to be doing their job, an additional test of their activation level may be required.


Since these tests are expensive, experienced doctors may start with an inexpensive white blood cell count for baseline, and then see if Thymic Protin A and a top quality Maitake extract will do the job. If the white blood cell counts start to go up as desired in 2 - 4 weeks, and the cancer starts to regress, more detailed testing may not be required. But if results are not adequate, then a more careful analysis may be required to select more specific immune enhancers.



Immunotherapy usually precipitates a "healing reaction" with uncomfortable flu-like symptoms. This is the immune system's way of telling the patient to take it easy and spare all possible energy for the immune system to do its job. As a stronger immune system launches a stronger attack on the cancer, tumors may swell from the actual invasion of immune cells, and pain may worsen temporarily. The good news is that this is a very good prognosis - the immune system is alive and growing stronger - just what you want.

The bad news is that some patients panic at this stage and quit the therapy. To avoid this, be prepared, and maintain constant monitoring so doctor and patient are sure of what is happening. Frequent WBC's may be reassuring at this time. After a few days or weeks, the improvement will be clear. First the immune counts will start to rise, the tumor may start to swell under the invasion, then the cancer cells will start to recede. Before-and-after imaging helps at this latter stage. Remember to keep detoxification ahead of the dying cancer cells. This is one time coffee enemas can be a joy as the dead cancer cells are washed away.




Based on anecdotal evidence and estimates of international hospitals, some 1/3 to 2/3 of cancers may be reversed by these seven steps. Other patients may have to continue on to Steps 8 to 10: special therapies, or mini-conventional treatments to stall the cancer while the body's anti-cancer armies catch up, or full conventional therapies. In this case, full conventional therapy should be far more successful, and far less debilitating, because the patient's own anti-cancer armies are now strong enough to help.



Using alternative therapy to prepare for conventional therapy is a win-win approach for the patient - even if it makes conventional therapy unnecessary.














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