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Scientists have learned that we all get cancer cells all life long, but a lucky 75% of the population automatically eliminates their cancer cells and never get tumors. Why couldn't we be like them? Well, we did learn how to become like them and that's why some of us didn't need chemotherapy or radiation to get well. Here's how we detoxified our bodies to help restore the built-in anti-cancer systems that we were born with.

"If my immune system is so great, why did it miss this cancer? "

For the first time in human history we are living in an era when, air, water and foods are so polluted with industrial chemicals never before seen in nature that, for many of us . . .




 METALS: lead, mercury, cadmium,arsenic, aluminum, nickel, etc.

 Industry, cooking utensils, cigarette smoke, dental fillings, fish, etc.

DANGEROUS CHEMICALS: carcinogens,  solvents, hormones, dioxins, PCB's, etc.

 Pesticides, herbicides, dairy, dry cleaning, meats, food additives, hair dye, etc.

MICROBES: E. coli, campylobacter, salmonella, progenitor cryptocides, etc.

 Poultry, beef, pork, sheep, sea food, skin of vegetables that lie on the soil, workers, etc.


On top of all the chemicals, there is the problem of obesity. Fat stores these toxic chemicals in our body and it also promotes distorted high hormone levels. Besides body fat, there are the excess blood fats.

In other parts of the world, cholesterol of 130 - 150 is considered to be normal for the human body. But in America, we have been sold on so much animal fat that many of us have total cholesterol levels over 200. Worse, American doctors are taught that must be OK. So, not only do we have a sewer system running through out our bodies, it is a GREASY sewer system.

Remember those news photos of birds caught in an oil spill? Feathers so gooey they couldn't fly, or even see or eat! Think of our immune system cells, so drunk with toxins they can't move straight, blinded with cholesterol and triglyceride goo, yet trying to inspect every one of our cells for signs of cancer.

The amazing question isn't why did it miss this cancer, but how did it ever catch all the other cancer cells that we had in the years before? The immune system may be a living miracle, but now it really needs help.

Restoring the immune system is just one purpose of detoxification. Getting those carcinogens out of our body so they will stop giving our healthy cells cancer is another.

And once therapy starts, there will be a sudden need to eliminate millions of dying cancer cells. This can become a life and death effort, so the patient should get good at detoxification before the cancer is killed.

That's WHY to detox. Now here's HOW.




Just like preventing metastasis, it is very difficult to detoxify your body if you are simultaneously exposing it to more carcinogens and pollution. Two of the major sources of pollution for cancer patients are tobacco products and animal products, since they are both loaded with carcinogens. Animal products includes fish, poultry and other domestic or wild animals. They are all high in the food chain, and therefore contain a lifetime accumulation of the pollution from all they eat. A more complete discussion on how to avoid the carcinogens around you was covered in the PATIENTS' PROTOCOL Step 3, on preventing metastasis.


DRUGS are foreign to the body and can mess up so many things in our bodies. So our doctors normally reduced them as much as possible. (It can be dangerous to change drugs up or down too suddenly.) Our remaining medications were screened again for anti-immune and anti-detoxification effects. For example, Tylenol shuts down the liver so drastically that healthy people die from it every year.


DIET was covered in PROTOCOL Step 4. Fresh foods will do much detoxification automatically, particularly if you are able to get "Certified Organic" food. All the fiber and liquid in vegetables soon lead to more frequent bowel movements. Adult humans can naturally have a bowel movement shortly after each meal, just as babies do. VEGETABLE JUICES will latch onto toxins and carry them out of the body through the kidneys and skin.


For some patients, PROTOCOL treatment Steps 3 on avoiding carcinogens to prevent metastasis, and Step 4 on diet may be all they need to detoxify. Tests can tell if your internal pollution has come down enough to revive the immune system and allow the body to begin removing the cancer. In today's world it is unrealistic to eliminate it entirely. But if it can be reduced to the average level found in the 75% of people who can cure their own cancers automatically, that may be enough.


But many of us who reversed our cancer without chemotherapy or radiation, had to do more. The most common additional step was what are called coffee enemas, below.




COFFEE ENEMAS are one of the most powerful tools to fight cancer. They used to be an important remedy of conventional medicine, and have been continued for alternative cancer patients. It may be more correct to call it a caffeine infusion or retention enema, since it has nothing to do with evacuation of the bowels. Instead it is used to stimulate the liver and gallbladder with caffeine to provide extra detoxification. Dark, murky bile will gradually become clear and golden as greasy toxins are removed from the body. Some patients say they have passed their gallstones during this stage.


It is worth while for the patient to become comfortable with this technique since it may become critical during heavy cancer cell die-off. It can also be very effective for washing away pain, as will be discussed under the PROTOCOL Step 8, New Answers for Pain.


The coffee enema is the workhorse for overcoming "healing reactions" which are often a case of cancer cell die-off getting ahead of elimination. Occasionally experienced doctors will prescribe it every two hours for crisis situations. Since it increases system output, it is very important that it be balanced with increased nutrient input to avoid creating serious deficiencies.


PROTEOLYTIC ENZYMES are detoxification treatment that helps in two ways. When taken at mealtimes, they help to digest food, saving more energy for the immune system and preventing incomplete digestion. When taken between meals, they help to clear the blood of unwanted proteins, helping the immune system to inhibit metastasis, etc.


NUTRIENTS. Vitamin C is the number one nutrient for detox. The amino acid L-cysteine, usually sold as NAC, is another great detoxifier. It is best taken with vitamin C at the same time. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, etc, may be used against heavy metals.


HERBS are another detoxification arsenal of remedies. This is one reason ESSIAC TEA and HOXEY TEA, often called blood purifiers, are helpful for cancer patients. Many of our doctors recommended a liver formula that included milk thistle, but don't take more herbs than necessary. Everything interacts and can have side effects.


PROBIOTICS. Whether we know it or not, we grow gardens in our bowels based on what we eat. If we eat a plant-based diet, we grow bacteria that feed off plant cells. If we eat an animal based diet, we grow bacteria that feed off animal cells. What will they eat between meals? Perhaps we should ask, WHOM will they eat? That may explain why one study found that a single serving of chicken per week increased the risk of colon cancer 30%!


Patients who want to make sure they don't raise little carnivores in their guts take probiotics. These are friendly, yogurt-type bacteria that take over and drive the carnivores out. Probiotic supplements can be many times more effective than today's yogurt. Look for billions of organisms and for enteric coating to get more past stomach acids.


CHELATION is an inter-venous technique used for clearing blood vessels, and for heavy-duty detoxification like lead poisoning. Chelation will be discussed under PROTOCOL Step 8 on clinical therapies.



To decide which remedy each patient needs, and to know when the job is finished successfully, testing is usually necessary. Occupation, background and type of cancer can be useful in determining which tests are indicated.


Liver and kidney functions must be monitored and supported through out the therapy, and kept in balance with the cancer cell die-off, etc. Tragically, some patients in the past have successfully killed their tumors, only to succumb to liver or kidney failure while trying to get rid of the dead cells. Sometimes the anti-cancer therapy even has to be slowed down, if it starts to exceed the capacity for detoxification.

More often, the detoxification is speeded up instead. Extra coffee enemas and juices may be useful for this. Occasionally surgery, as will be discussed under PROTOCOL Step 9, may be the best answer to "de-bulk" or get rid of a large dead tumor.

One bonus of a natural diet with raw foods is that body weight tends to automatically go to the ideal level. The bad news is that, as stored fat is released, so are the pesticides and toxins stored in it. So detoxification must also be balanced very carefully with weight loss.

As you can see, this is a complex task and should be done with the help of an experienced practitioner. It should not be done alone, as severe imbalance can cause dizziness or worse.

The results will be worth the effort. After the detoxification is over, patients often say they feel "lighter" - younger and more lively. Carcinogens are gone from the body and the immune system is freed from toxins and grease to attack the cancer with full vigor. The result is that cancer is destroyed cell-by-cell.












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