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  Special developments in cancer you may have  missed


A landmark study on the cancer killing power of many vegetable juices was published in FOOD CHEMISTRY by Dominique Boivin, et al (112, 2009, 374-380).  Most vegetables tested killed over 50% of exposed cancer cells, depending in part upon which type of cancer cells were challenged.  Juice extracts from the amazing cruciferous, allium, and dark green vegetables often killed 100% of most types of cancer cells tested!  Detailed analysis is being prepared to add to our section on nutritional treatments.


American scientists at the National Institutes of Health have confirmed that Vitamin C really does fight cancer. International cancer hospitals have been using 8 to 40 grams of vitamin C “chemotherapy” ever since the 1970's when Linus Pauling showed that it improved survival time for terminal patients over 100%.  (He had to do the clinical trials in Scotland, because America's  National Institute of Cancer wouldn't fund this two-time Nobel Prize winner.) These new laboratory tests by Dr Mark Levine, et al, at NIDDK, a division of the NIH, found that Vitamin C caused 50% cell death in 5 kinds of cancer cells and killed lymphoma cells 100% - even in America.  (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 9/20/05; vol 102:pp13604)

COMMENTARY:  This directly challenges the National Cancer Institute which funded trials that "proved" Vitamin C didn't work, forcing doctors and patients to continue using expensive drug company chemotherapy. 


Dr. Dean Ornish has done it again. It took over 20 years to convince his colleagues and the insurance companies that an eat-all-you-want vegan diet with lifestyle improvements could reverse heart disease. Now he has shown that it works for prostate cancer too. Cancer patients on the vegan diet saw a drop in their PSA cancer test and a huge rise of anti-cancer defenses in the blood. The meat eaters saw their PSA continue to rise and several had to undergo invasive therapy. INTENSIVE LIFESTYLE CHANGES MAY AFFECT THE PROGRESSION OF PROSTATE CANCER, Journal of Urology, 2005 September; 174 (3) : 1065 - 1070.

COMMENTARY:  One of our founders tried the same thing, only he used mostly raw vegetables and juices, which are up to 30 times stronger.  This enabled his body to eliminate the two malignant prostate tumors in four months.  His Urologist told him to be careful, or he "would make me a believer, too!"


For decades, doctors who run cancer clinics have warned patients to stop animal protein because it promoted cancer growth. Now these clinical observations have been scientifically confirmed in a book poorly titled THE CHINA STUDY (Only one chapter is about China - most of the book is about Americans).  It was written by T.Colin Campbell, PhD. who was a co-leader of the world's largest study of diet and disease, in China).  First BenBella Books Edition, January 2005. See especially chapter 3, "Turning Off Cancer."  Repeatedly researchers were able to turn cancer off by switching to vegetable protein  and turn it back on by resuming animal protein.

 COMMENTARY:   Patients who have eliminated their cancers sometimes find their immune systems can not keep the next cancer away if they resumed eating animal foods.


We repeat an announcement about a landmark paper by Dr. Gordon Saxe, et al. CAN DIET IN CONJUNCTION WITH STRESS REDUCTION AFFECT THE RATE OF INCREASE IN PROSTATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN AFTER BIOCHEMICAL RECURRENCE OF PROSTATE CANCER? Journal of Urology Vol 166, 2202-2207, Dec 2001. It was a small study, but the results achieved a whopping 80% positive response. This matches the rates claimed in international cancer hospitals that use diet with alternative therapy to treat cancer. Doctor Saxe continues his work and may be reached through the Moore Cancer Center at the University of California at San Diego.  The Center is making great strides in showing conventional medicine how cancer may be cured by diet.


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