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Introduction Part 2 of 4

Cancer is when our own cells are too sick to control their own growth. If we count only the cancer cells that are formed by accident as our cells routinely replace themselves - that's trillions of our cells reproducing throughout our lifetime - cancer cells from this source alone could exceed millions. Cancer cells are a normal condition that our immune system is amazingly capable of handling. We know that cancer cells can be increased dramatically in specific parts of the body by poor diet and lifestyle. For example, we know that smoking can create an overwhelming number of cancer cells in the lungs.

Because cancer cells are a natural condition, our body is exquisitely equipped to easily control a normal amount of cancer. Our doctors explained that we have layer upon layer of whole armies of various immune system cells, genes, peptides, enzymes, self-made chemotherapy agents, etc, etc, that successfully control cancer all life long for most people. (We laymen usually lump these armies all together as our "immune system," but technically the immune system is only a part of our anti-cancer defenses.)


Researchers speculate that several of these anti-cancer armies have to be seriously weakened for cancer to keep growing in our body.  Unfortunately, many of these very armies can be seriously damaged by conventional cancer therapy, especially chemotherapy and radiation, making it easier for cancer to return.



DNA Repair Enzymes - cut and paste DNA corrections to fix cancer cells

Apoptosis – makes non-repairable cancer cells self-destruct and recycle

P53 Gene System – makes microDNA to control cell proliferation

                            - stops cancer cells from reproducing

                            - triggers the above apoptosis of cancer cells

Antioxidants – prevent cancer-causing damage to cells

Liver enzymes - detoxify carcinogens so they don’t cause cancer

B-Cells - make antibodies to attack cancer

Anti-Malignin Antibody - an antibody that kills cancer cells upon contact

Helper T-Cells - direct other cells to attack cancer

Cytotoxic T-Cells – make chemotherapy to poison cancer cells

Natural Killer Cells - bind, kill cancer cells

Tumor Necrosis Factor – more chemotherapy made by our own cells

Lymph Nodes - trap cancer cells for destruction by macrophages

Macrophages - devour cancer cells

Tumor Suppressor Genes – induce death of cancer cells

Neutrophils - digest dead tumors

5 Antineoplastons - Newly recognized anti-cancer peptides

17 Angiogenesis Inhibitors – Inhibit blood circulation to cancer cells 17 ways

Fruits and Vegetables - Your body's natural chemotherapy that includes literally thousands of phytonutrients to attack cancer cells, to strengthen, activate and help the above anti-cancer defenses, to turn anti-cancer genes on and turn cancer-promoting genes off, to repair cancer cells or make them self-destruct, to inhibit blood supply to tumors, to inhibit invading cancer enzymes, to protect cells with unique antioxidants, to detoxify carcinogens, to balance hormones with phytoestrogens, etc, etc.

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Unfortunately for us cancer patients, in spite of the millions of cancer cells our body successfully eliminated, we had one cell that somehow escaped, reproduced and grew into a tumor.

It typically takes 5 - 20 years for cancer cells to grow into a tumor large enough to see. There are a few rare cancers that grow faster, but patients report that many cases of more rapid growth often followed medical procedures. Apparently this disrupts the balance between the cancer and the surrounding immune system defenses which are trying to hold it in check.

Cancer patients have succeeded by insisting upon protecting their immune systems from unnecessary insults. This included postponing all unnecessary invasive procedures, including biopsies and X-rays, until when or if they became necessary to proceed. Typically this might be just before beginning invasive therapy, to make sure it was really necessary.  It is questionable that a biopsy has be performed before trying a nutritional diet change.  Biopsies before alternative therapy may become irrelevant as the cells return back to normal. Instead we preferred to use blood tests whenever possible. These tests will be described in the Part 4 list of resources and on the TESTING webpage.

When many of these anti-cancer armies fail, it implies there may be a lot in the body that needs healing. In other words, a tumor may be only one symptom of a larger, systemic problem. Removing the tumor, while helpful, may amount only to temporary first aid, while offering no help with tomorrow’s cancer cells.  The real, lasting cure for cancer may require restoring our body's many anti-cancer systems back to health. The PATIENTS' PROTOCOL in the TREATMENT section will explain how.


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